Sep 11 2014


Halloween has the potential for your four legged pet getting into all of their halloween loot. Having your pets getting into high fatty treats can result in pancreatitis (for details on pancreatitis see the above paragraph) and chocolate contains a toxic ingredient called theobromine which can result in seizures or even death. The more chocolate liquor the product contains the more toxic (more theobromine) the chocolate is. Although milk chocolate (most Halloween chocolate bars are milk) is less toxic than semi-sweet and dark chocolate it can still result in serious illness. Be sure to put all Halloween candy and treats out of reach of your critters and do not share your chocolate treats with your dogs and cats. Click here for further details on chocolate toxicity.

Many people also think of bats when Halloween comes around every year. Bats are notorious rabies vectors and although there is a low risk of transmission, even indoor cats can be affected when these animals get into our homes. Ensure that your cats are vaccinated against rabies even if they are indoor kitties. Please see Cat and bats and rabies posted by Dr. Scott Weese.

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