Jan 30 2015

February is Dental Month!

puppy tooth brush

February is dental health awareness month. Our pets need regular dental care just as we do. Can you imagine not brushing your teeth for your whole life?!
Over 80% of dogs and cats after the age of 3 years have periodontal disease. This extravagant percentage could be easily lowered by preventive care at home whether it be having your pet on a dental diet or brushing their teeth.
Our promotion for Dental Month is 15% off dental cleanings.

Cat Dental Cleaning

cat dental

Dog Dental Cleaning

dog dental





Please see the Pet Health Library on our home page for more information on dog and cat dental disease.

If you are concerned about your pets dental health or have questions in regards to dental awareness month please call the hospital and speak with one of our staff. We would love to go over more information with you and potentially book your pet in for a dentistry.

cat toothbrush

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