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Dr. Ali Sklepowicz

Dr. Ali Sklepowicz


Dr. Ali grew up in a family that loved dogs. In fact, they always had at least one or two running around at any given time. At the age of 12, Dr. Ali finally convinced her parents to get her a cat for Christmas. St. Nick was her first kitty and she’s never lived without one since! That upbringing, coupled with her interest in medicine, made a career in veterinary medicine the natural choice.

During her final year in high school. Dr. Ali did a co-op placement at her family veterinary clinic and went on to complete her bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s in biomedical sciences at the University of Guelph. In 2013, Dr. Ali graduated from Ontario Veterinary College and has been practicing small animal medicine ever since. 

Dr. Ali joined the VRAH family in February of 2024 and has quickly settled in as an integral and well-loved part of the team. Clinically, she has a special interest in internal medicine and diagnostic imaging as she enjoys putting together clinical and laboratory findings to help formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan to help her patients feel better. She also enjoys pain management and palliative care for senior pets.

Outside of work, Dr. Ali resides in Guelph with her husband and two children, Scarlett and Marek. The family shares their life adventures with a Border Collie named Leo, and trouble-making kitty named Lyla. Leo has always had an affinity for playing fetch with a frisbee and will swim for hours chasing a water disc and Lyla is a world-renowned thief with a special affinity for butter.

In her spare time, Dr. Ali loves pouring herself a cup of coffee and getting lost in a good novel. She and her family also enjoy exploring the outdoors. Hiking, skiing, camping, and hanging out at the cottage provide the backdrop to some of their favourite memories.

Dr. Jenna Williamson

Dr. Jenna Williamson


Since a very young age, Dr. Jenna has had a deep passion for animals and a keen interest in science and medicine. Pursuing a career in the veterinary field has allowed her to combine all these things and ultimately make an impact on the lives of the people and pets in her community.

Dr. Jenna began working at veterinary clinics while she was still in high school and continued through her undergraduate degree. She achieved her Bachelor of Biological Sciences from the University of Guelph and then went on to earn her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Jenna joined the Victoria Road Animal Hospital family in March of 2024.

Clinically, Dr. Jenna enjoys the variety of work she performs on a daily basis and seeing the improvement of patients following the implementation of her recommended treatment plans. She also appreciates being part of a tight-knit community of fellow veterinary professionals, both in and out of the clinic.

At home, Dr. Jenna has one pet of her own: a rescued terrier mix named JJ who seems to have springs for legs. In her spare time, Dr. Jenna enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking with JJ, reading, and traveling. She tries to do at least two international trips each year.