Nutrition and Your Cat

With cats being ancestral to a wild desert animal, their physiology differs greatly from that of a dog and therefore their nutritional requirements differ greatly as well. When cats aren’t fed appropriately, or eat appropriately being the picky beings that they are, they can succumb to disease and illness. Illness can range from diabetes in overweight cats to fatty liver in those cats that aren’t meeting their required caloric intake.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a common disease that can affect many feline companions- particularly male cats. Signs of the disease include blood in urine, straining to urinate, urinating frequently and inappropriate places and urinary blockage. Although there is no singular factor for the cause of FLUTD, it is becoming more apparent that diet can play a large role in the prevention of this disease. Many veterinary grade diets help maintain a cat’s urine pH in the appropriate range to inhibit urinary crystals from forming and urinary blockages from occurring.

Dry vs. Canned Debate

There really is no debate when it comes to feeding dry diets versus canned diets- each have their own benefits. Generally speaking, dry diets more economical and easier to store- there normally isn’t any worry about expiration dates and refrigeration. Dry, crunchy food is also healthy for the teeth and the gums of our kitties- most specifically when they are eating dry diets such as Medi-cal Dental formula or Hill’s T/D. Canned diets provide your cat with balanced nutrition as well as it is a source of moisture. Being an ancestor to a wild desert animal, cats have the ability to drink relatively little water on a daily basis in comparison to dogs. This decreased water intake can make some cats susceptible to diseases such as FLUTD. Canned food will help increase your cats’ voluntary water intake and help prevent instances of FLUTD. Canned food can also get a “grazer” to meal eat. This is particularly helpful if your cat ever needs to take medication.