Nutrition and Your Pet

We have always been told, “you are what you eat!” and this statement holds true for our pets as well. Proper nutrition provides our pets with the essential building blocks to a happy and healthy life and is therefore the first step in preventive medicine. Balanced nutrition – protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals – are key components required for healthy growth and development. Furthermore, proper nutrition can also be a key component to aging less rapidly in the pet population. One can expect to change your pet’s diet at least 3 times throughout their lifetime in order to meet their physiological needs.

Here at Victoria Road Animal Hospital we carry Medi-Cal veterinary grade diets as well as Hill’s prescription diets in order to provide your pet with the best individualized nutrition program. If your dog requires a diet that we do not regularily keep stocked, it can usually be special ordered usually within 24-48 hours. Stop by and see what diet we would recommend for your pet’s lifestyle!

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